CodeSpark Create Game - How to Make A Game in Codespark Academy for Activity of Hour of Code

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CodeSpark Create Game; how to make a game in Codespark Academy for activity of Hour of Code.

Kids will create, design and code their own game with CodeSpark Game Maker. They will learn how to test and debug to make the game.

CodeSpark Academy is the most used home coding program for kids 5 to 9. CodeSpark Academy uses no words interface to teach the basics of computer programming through learning activities including puzzles, games, step-by-step creative projects, game design and offline printables.

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CodeSpark Academy - Kids Coding Game All Parts:

CodeSpark Academy Features:
CodeSpark Academy is inspired by visual programming languages such as Scratch from MIT.
Kids learn key programming and logical problem solving concepts.
They design and code their own games and interactive stories with age appropriate tools in the Create section.
Word-free interface allows anyone, anywhere to play.
Perfect for pre-readers, ELL students and kids with reading and focus-related challenges.
Supports 3 individual child profiles.

CodeSpark Academy Kids Coding - Learn to code with The Foos:
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