Making a change - Heart, Tongue, and Actions! ft. Najah Bazzy | Wondertime Show | Season 3 - Ep. 20

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Salāmun ʿalaykum! As we continue to commemorate Imam Ali (as), Amir learns more about the generosity of our first Imam (as) with Ms. Nazeera and some special guests. Imam Ali (as) helped the orphans and widows so how do we put that into practice today? Ms. Nazeera and Amir hear from a very special woman doing this very important work in our country today, Sr. Najah Bazzy! Also we have part 2 of our majlis and some special guest readers. And finally, Ms. Nazeera has a challenge for all of you! Are you up for it?

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Nazeera Salak is the founder of Seeds Within, an education consultancy. She has worked in the public and private school pk-12th education space for 15+ years. Her background includes a Master of Education degree with a specialization in Curriculum and Instruction and Ed Leadership, a graduate certificate in School Management and Leadership from Harvard University Graduate School of Education, a multiple-subject pk-12th grade teaching credential, and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Nazeera is also a Certified Positive Discipline Trainer, Parenting Coach, and Classroom Educator.

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