Massage training. Обучение массажу. Массаж спины элемент растирание

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Обучающее видео. Обучение массажу. Массаж спины элемент растирание , мастер клас.
Курсы массажа. Школа массажа. Мастер класы по массажу.
best massage school in Kiev? Which massage school choose? How to get a quality massage from the best specialist?
There is one answer to these questions - Mikhail Guz massage school.
Massage is a procedure that brings not only pleasure, but also a therapeutic effect for the whole body. General body massage, back massage, foot massage, facial massage, restorative massage are just some of the 30 types of massage that you can get in the school of Mikhail Guz. Take care of yourself and sign up today at one of our studios in Kiev.
Massage in Kiev is the Massage school of Mikhail Guz.

Massage training with Mikhail Guz massage school

Addresses of Massage school by Mikhail Guz:
1. Pushkinskaya 8b,
2. Antonovich 158,
3. pr. Sciences 11 a.
4. Sribnokilskaya 12.
5. Boychuk (Kikvidze) 1a
6. Nikolsko-Slobodskaya 2B
7. Avenue Grigorenka 28

The manager's phone number for the record is +380959055241. Viber.

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Обучение массажу
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