Now We’re Cooking: Top Chef Kwame Onwuachi on Making the Food of Your Dreams // BABF Youth

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From a difficult upbringing in the Bronx and Nigeria to Top Chef stardom and a place on Food & Wine’s “best new chef” list, Kwame Onwuachi’s muse and first love has always been food. His memoir Notes From a Young Black Chef takes us through the rollercoaster journey that led him to presiding over a raved-about menu, at Washington DC’s Kith and Kin, that “honors my ancestors,” and to running a high-end kitchen that prioritizes diversity in its staff. With his acclaimed book now adapted for young-adult readers, Kwame’s joining two young foodies, Cinnamongirl’s Chariot Waddell, 15, and Jolie Wilson, 15, in the kitchen to share challenges, victories, and, of course, a cooking tip or two.

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