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Hi guys! I'm Gabi, and I am the creator of the UiPath Hacks channel - a channel that contains tutorials and hacks for RPA developers, for real-life project challenges. But I am also a father of two, and one of the greatest real-life challenges I am preparing myself to embark, is teaching my kids about coding, and in particular about RPA development. I strongly believe that computer coding has become today like an additional foreign language - like one would learn English, or French or German - if those are not their mother tongues.

I also believe learning is done best through games, and that programming can be fun ... even for kids.

This UiPath Hacks for Kids videos series is targeting kids from 8 years upwards. I will take the learning-through-examples approach, where first a simple automation will be presented and then a few basic programming concepts will be derived from that.

I believe this series of videos would allow the kids to learn programming concepts, structure their thinking, learn about organizing and automating a process - in a very practical way ... and all of this while having fun and learning real-life skills and concepts what will help them later in their work.

I hope the UiPath Hacks for Kids videos could also become an activity parents could do with their kids together or even IT people could do with their non-computer-savvy spouses / have fun, learn coding and learn FROM and ABOUT one another.

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