What is this coding thing? Should we teach our kids to code? | Aanand Srinivas | StayQrious

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There is a lot of noise about coding. In this video, I try to explain how parent's and students need to think about coding and computer science as part of the larger set of skills they need to teach our children.

This is a video that I made after enough parents at StayQrious told me they are confused about this coding thing. There is a lot of detail that I have left out to keep the video short. So, ask clarifying questions in comments and I am happy to answer.

Students who have been asking me for more videos. I have been working on computer science and coding videos. Especially for young children. I ll share them here on this channel if you all are interested. Let me know in the comments.

Some of you have been curious about what I am building at StayQrious. I am building a better model of education thats based on cognitive science research and behavioral economics principles. An education system that actually works. I just recently completed building the first course. It's on coding for students in grades 4 to 9 to develop a solid foundation in coding. I will now be building more courses in science and math.

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